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Kaylaa is 22 years old liveporncam performer with Noirs hair color and Verts eyes, with Arabe Ethnicity, 53 kg weight and 163 height and Sexual Preference is I like to be dom.. excite me a lot, but when you want to see my this part you have to know how to respect me.I prefer a good sex.. like a long chat.. but i'm ready to have both. Every good sex start with a good chat .

Kaylaa nude performer

About me i don't have to much to say, i'm those kind of girl who know always what she want.. i'm never without fantasies , always with smiley on my face , (even when my niqab hide it) you just have to be enough the curious and polite to see it. I'm arabian ,so don't judge me for my incorrectly english , or for i don't speak french ery good.. i try to do my best i promise, and yes my religion it's muslim.. the reason why i wear hijab.. I like to chat , but i do it on free chat.. on private chat i play.. when i find on you a good partner, when you handle me like a bitch i will treat you like an asshole.. For respect i will give you pleasure. Something for something :D

My fantasies are your pleasures. I have a lot of things what i would like to try.. sex on lift , on kitchen, on car, and on the beach .. :D well when we can't change the place and we have only my bedroom , we still can imagine to have fun on those pl